Joining Instructions and Latest Flight Details

We understand that RyanAir ( are no longer travelling to Hyeres from London Stansted. A new flight from London City airport is available from City Jet or there is a Ryanair flight from Bournemouth. The City Jet flights are seasonal and only currently available on a Wednesday. We’ll try and update this area when we get more news, but for the moment Marseilles or Nice airports are looking better for flying into this area. We are happy to discuss either 5 or 8 day options (or others) for your holiday, plesae e-mail or call for details. Other airlines such as Air France continue to fly on all days to/from London or Paris

Flights to/from Marseille and Nice are unaffected

There are numerous airports along the Cote D’azur, Italy and on the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Click on image below for Ryanair flight details or click HERE for Easyjet

Landing at Toulon/Hyeres airport

Hyeres is the local airport and is approximately 20 minutes by taxi to the yacht. If we have arranged a pick-up for you, your driver will meet you at the airport and take you to the boat. If you are getting your own taxi please ask for the “Capitainerie at Le Faviere (Port of Bormes)”. Please call when you leave the airport to ensure we know when to meet you in Le Faviere.

Landing at Nice or Marseille airport

These airports are much further away but are still within reasonable reach by hire car. If you use Hertz, there is a local agent whereby the car can be left at Le Lavandou. Other suppliers have no local office but you may be able to arrange a one way hire. Again, please telephone when you leave and let us have some idea of your ETA.

Travelling by car

If you travel by car the local postcode in Le Lavandou is 83980 and the street is Quai Baptistin Pins which will provide ease of use in either a GPS/SatNav or internet search engine. We would recommend the site
Mappy for directions, fuel costs and toll charges. The site can be used within Europe (including the UK) so it enables you to navigate from home to the yacht.

Travelling by train

The train service is excellent but only gets you as far as Toulon without a lot of changes. It is possible to get further trains and/or buses to complete the trip but Hyeres is normally about as far as you can get. However, the first part of the journey is a very pleasant one and the time passes very pleasantly.

Travelling to Italy

There are regular flights to various airports along the cruising area for our holidays in Italy. The interactive maps and links above show some of the popular airline routes and others can easily be found via internet search engines. As the cruising itinerary is in part arranged to suit our customers requests we do not publish a finite schedule during early months, instead being as flexible as possible to meet your requests. However, at times we will already be committed to various destinations at specific times and you should always contact us for more information and availability.