SailMed Skippered Yacht Charter - Affordable Cruising in the Mediteranean - What to Bring

What to bring with you

The list below is not exhaustive but covers the main points and advice regarding things to bring with you.

  • Bags - no suitcases just flexible sports type bags (holdalls) please as these are easier to stow once you've unpacked.
  • Shoes - trainers are the most suitable but please check that they do not have thick black soles that will mark the decks. Any light or white soled ones are fine - bare feet are also acceptable!
  • Clothing - the temperature is consistently pleasantly warm with few exceptions so shorts and T shirts are the norm. However colder and wet weather can occur so we would suggests that you bring some form of waterproof coat and some warmer clothes in case
  • Laptops etc - PC s, game boys etc can all be played aboard but recharging will only be possible when we are in port and connected to the shoreside electricity supply (most evenings unless we decide to anchor overnight).
  • Bedding, towels etc - we supply all bedding and towels for use during your stay so there is no need to bring any of this from home.
  • Lifejackets and safety harnesses - these are all supplied and we recommend that even if you have your own you use the ones on board. All guests will be fitted with a lifejacket and safety harness at the start of the trip but we have never used them yet. We also carry lifejackets for use by young people.
  • Money and Food - We will supply breakfast (croissants etc) and lunch - normally a cockpit gathering with bread, fish etc. (As we are fish eating vegetarians there will be no meat served at either time but there is plenty ashore every day!) As a guide the evening meal ashore varies from 10 to 30 euros depending on how much food and drink are consumed. You can get a 3 course meal in some places for less than 10 euros (about 7), but typically I would budget for about 20 euros per day per person to be safe.
  • Dietary requirements - if you have any special dietary requirements please let us know beforehand so that we can cater accordingly.

  • By arriving you will have proven that you have your passport!! We would also recommend bringing an EHIC card to enable local medical care and prescriptions if necessary. Travel insurance is also worth having

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